Part 2 Listening (15 Minutes)

Listen to the following talk about Build Culture, Build Capacity – Managing a Team in a Crisis before answering the comprehension questions and completing the speaking tasks.


1. According to the speaker what four principles are important when responding to disaster?

2. The speaker describes these four principles as a mantra. What does this mean?

3. According to the speaker organisations can build their leadership structures in five different ways. What are they?

4. How did Captain Jones enact the first of these leadership structures?

5. What should leaders build to ensure that their people shine in a crisis?

6. Which group of people cannot necessarily have ultimate authority in a crisis and why not?

Part 3 Speaking (10 Minutes)

Choose two of the following topics and discuss them with a partner.  Each topic should take 5 minutes.

What advice would you give to a colleague about keeping their computer safe from external threats?  Make your advice as comprehensive as possible.

What measures should be taken to ensure that an employee’s work schedule is balanced and their workstation is ergonomically well designed?

If a company suffers from reputational damage as a consequence of a crisis can it recover its reputation.  What steps does it need to take?

Part 4 Use of English (30 Minutes)

Please download the Use of English Worksheet or take it from your tutor if you don’t already have it.

Part 5 Writing (30 Minutes)

Submit the essay according to your tutor’s instructions.

Think of an organisation you know.  Write a short report on the plan(s) they have in place in the event of a fire,  Include how this plan is communicated to staff and visitors and how then ensure the plan is followed.  Finally draw some conclusions about how effective you believe the plan to be and if you feel it is necessary make some recommendations (300 words)

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