Download PDF Version of Resource and Discussion Questions.


Based on the front cover and the information on the back cover answer the following questions.

1. How would this story appeal to children?

2. Would the picture on the front be a bit scary for some children and would this make the book more or less attractive to read?

3. Would you have read this story as a child (based on the cover only)? Why (not)?

4. What do you think could happen in the story?

Now read the first page from the book before answering the following questions:

1. How does the author immediately get the attention of the reader?

2. What makes it easier for children to relate to the characters in the story?

3. It is often said that with the internet and smart technology that children don’t read enough nowadays? Would you agree with this? If not have reading habits changed? If things have changed is this a good thing? Should children be encouraged to read more traditional books as part of their learning?

* You need to prepare these questions for conversation during your next online / face-to-face session with your tutor.