The Mission to Mars is on…

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In the last few years there has been a new desire to return to space and as ever it is Mars that is attracting us the most.  The timescale may now look unrealistic but just imagine…

Look at the following mission briefing before answering the questions on the right.

Please prepare your answers for the speaking part of this exercise before meeting with your tutor.

Lesson Materials © Horton, R. (2016) Omega Support Services


1. What is the main purpose of the mission?

2. How long with the trip to Mars take and when will the 6 astronauts return?

3. Where will the spaceship land and why?

4. How will supplies be delivered to Mars?

5. What are the priorities for the astronauts?

6. When do you think the mission is scheduled to take place?

Speaking Questions

1. What dangers do the astronauts face?

2. What psychological difficulties do the astronauts face?

3. What kind of people would be suitable for this mission?

4. What kind of a person would not be suited to this mission and why not?

5. What are the benefits of this kind of mission?

6. This mission would be very expensive, is it right to spend such a lot of money on a mission like this?

7. We have not been back to the moon since the 1970s. Should we concentrate on establishing a permanent base on the Moon before even attempting to go to Mars? What differences are there between the challenges of going to the Moon and Mars?

8. Remembering that this mission is a one way trip, would you like to go on such a mission? Why (not)?

9. What do you think the chances of success are for this mission?