Important Note for Tutors

Most people are afraid of something or have been afraid of something, particularly when they were a child. This conversation lesson is aimed at getting students to speak about any such fears they face(d) and how they react to them. However students should only be encouraged to speak about things they feel comfortable about. It is not for a tutor to probe into places that students are uncomfortable to go.

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Helpful Vocabulary and Grammatical Forms

When speaking about being afraid of something use the following verbs and forms:

– to have a phobia of …

– to have a fear of … / to be afraid of …

– to be frightened of … – to be scared of …

Speaking Questions

Use the four pictures on the left to help answer the questions below about phobias.

1. What does each picture show, describe them in as much detail as possible?

2. How does each picture make you feel? Have you ever been afraid of spiders, heights, small spaces or dogs?

3. What other things are people often afraid of?

4. What, if anything, are you frightened of?

5. When you see something that you are afraid of what do you do?

6. Can you think of something you were frightened of in the past that you are not frightened of now. What happened so you are not afraid any more?

7. If you have a friend or relative who is afraid of something that you are not afraid of how can you help them? What would you say to them?