After school one day I went to my friend’s house to play and have something to eat.  This wasn’t unusual because sometimes my friend would come to my home too.  Nothing was different this day and we had fun and later we ate some food that his mum prepared.

On this particular afternoon though, it must have been in early spring, because when I decided to go home at about 7pm it was already dark.  There were two ways to go home.  The woods were quicker than going on the street and so this was the way I went.  Just when I was near the woods it started to rain.  A few minutes later this rain turned into a heavy downpour and very soon I was completely wet. 🙁

The woods were dark, but because I knew where the paths were it wasn’t difficult for me.  The rain was cold and unpleasant but I kept going,  Then there was a bright flash and the whole wood was lit up with a white light.  Angry trees surrounded me and my heart jumped.

Then the anger had a voice as a loud grumble echoed across the sky.

The woods now were a scary place to be and I started to run.  Every time the lightning struck in my mind the shadows were ugly devils and the branches from the trees were ghostly arms trying to grab me.  I started to run.  Did I make a bad choice?

My imagination was darker than the woods and with a racing heart I ran faster than ever.

I had to get out of the woods as fast as I possible.

It was like I was running forever.  I was going faster than normal and the ground was uneven.  I nearly fell a few times, but somehow stayed on my feet.   Finally, with great relief I came out of the other side of the woods and was now on my street.  The rain still fell, the lightning still flashed and the sky still roared, but the warmth of the street lights made me feel safe.

A few minutes later I arrived home and my mum asked, “You are soaked to the skin.  Are you alright?  You look like you have seen a ghost!’

Maybe I had seen a ghost, but I simply said, ‘I am fine thank you’.

I was 10 years old after all – and being scared wasn’t cool.

© Richard Horton 2018 (Omega Support Services).

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Read the story and check all the new words, using a dictionary if you need to, before answering the following questions.

  1. Where was the writer at the beginning of his scary story?
  2. Was this unusual?
  3. In which part of the year is the story set?
  4. Why did the writer choose to go through the woods?
  5. What were the woods like?
  6. Why did the writer get scared?
  7. What did the writer do when he got scared?
  8. How does the writer describe the trees?
  9. Why did the writer feel safe when he reached his street?
  10. Why did he tell his mum that all was fine?


  1. Do you think it was a good idea to go through the woods?  Why (not)?
  2. Which way would you have gone?  Explain why you would make this decision.
  3. Have you ever had a small scary adventure like this?  What happened share it with the class?
  4. Do you think it is harder for boys to say they are scared than girls?  Explain your answer?


Now write a small story about a scary adventure you had.  It can be the same story you shared with the class (100 – 150 words).