…even when (s)he is wrong…

Look at the picture story below, which is based on an old stereotype, before answering the questions on the right.

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Image courtesy of Facebook.

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Picture Work

1. Describe what is happening in the three pictures.

2. In your opinion was the customer right or wrong?

3. What impression of customer service does the story show?

4. Did the staff member handle the situation well? Why? / Why not?

5. If you had been there, how would you have dealt with the customer?

6. This cartoon is based on a stereotype. Does this stereotype reflect reality?


1. What is your view on the importance of the customer?

2. Does the organisation you work for have a customer service policy? What is it and how does it compare to the ‘policy’ illustrated in the cartoon?

3. How important is customer satisfaction to the organisation your work for and how prominently does it feature in your organisation’s policies? In your view should it be more or less prominent or is it correctly placed?

4. Is the customer always right? In what circumstance(s), if any, can the customer be ‘wrong’?

5. What factors determine whether the customer is right? Are these factors always fair from a customer perspective? Explain your point of view.

6. What has this exercise shown you about the value of the customer? Have your views changed and if so in how?

* You need to prepare these questions for conversation during your next online / face-to-face session with your tutor.