Look at the pictures below and answer the pre-listening tasks before watching the video.













Check your answers with your tutor or with the transcript that is available here (link opens in a new window for your convenience).


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Pre-Listening Tasks

Before playing the video have a look at the two images at the top of the page and answer the following questions:

1. How often do you teleconference?

2. What kind of technology do you use?

3. What difficulties do you encounter when teleconferencing?

4. Based on what you see in the two pictures – what do you think Cisco are trying to create with the new technology and how do they aim to achieve this?


Now watch the video before answering the following questions:

1. What does Neil Simpkins lecture in?

2. Does Oliver Hunt (Cisco) believe that such technology can help build effective relationships? How does he explain this dynamic?

3. Oliver Hunt (Cisco) describes the technology as ‘immersive’. What does he mean?

4. What factors ‘optimise’ the teleconference experience?

5. What historical factors have limited teleconferencing from taking off?

6. What differentiates this Cisco system from traditional teleconferencing systems?

7. What is Cisco’s biggest technological challenge?

Speaking *

1. Neil Simpkins mentions synchronous and asynchronous communication. What are they and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

2. Oliver Hunt claims that this Cisco system enables better decision making. How does he explain this and do you agree with his assertion?

3. Do you believe this system will replicate the ‘in person’ experience? Why / Why not?

4. Would you like to use this technology yourself? Why / Why not?

5. What (if any) are the limitations of this technology?