You are going to hear a ma├«tre d’ speak about his attitude when at work and how his values impact on his approach, not just to his professional but also to his personal relationships.

Listen carefully as he describes his attitude towards people before going on to answer the discussion questions on the right.

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PLEASE NOTE: The speakers use one mild expletive twice in the text so please don’t use if inappropriate for your target clients.

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1. Why in his opinion is the customer ultimately right?

2. Who decides when there is an exception and why is this so?

3. Why does he think inexperienced staff will mess it up?

4. What is at the core of his staff training?

5. Why is he concerned about what he calls the standard and why does he think that if he is not careful he could end up with nobody in his restaurant? Illustrate with your own example.


1. What is your view on the customer is always right?

2. How far do you agree that we should owe our customers respect?

3. What steps do you take to ensure that you “do the job properly, be professional and deliver every time”?

4. He describes a standard and exceptions. What does he mean by this and if you have them what do your standards demand?

5. How far should we avoid labeling and judging customers? When is it acceptable to do so.

6. In what ways does he ensure his staff are on “the front foot”?

7. It is important to “give first”. How far do you agree with and how do would you use these principles when handling your professional relationships?

8. What point is he making when referring to personal relationships and should our professional relationships be handled in a similar way?