Major Upgrade for Omega

Gone but not forgotten

After running as a static site for almost four years the decision was made in February 2018 to make a major upgrade.  The upgrade would introduce a more dynamic home page that would look more 2018 than 2010 and be both easier to navigate and the more pleasing on the eye.

With its vast range of resources and services it will take Omega some time to migrate everything across so for the time being the website will actually be a hybird of both.  It is being done in such a way that the user should encounter minimal disruption.

So what is new?

  1. As the original Omega website had grown it had sprawled out  inefficiently and had somehow acquired three home pages (four if you include the mobile version.   This has been cut down to one and by choosing a responsive design the need for a mobile version has been eradicated.  This will ensure faster navigation and less resources are now kept on the server.  Pages and Posts will now have a more standardised appearance and as a result should appear more coherent to the user.
  2. A more streamlined interface than the previous dashboard view (see left) has been introduced.  The Omega Dashboard had originally been designed to echo the Windows 8 interface just before it launched.  Having seen the failure of Windows 8 as an operating system it seems to be a pointless exercise to maintain its imitator as an interface.   The same services are still available as before; only the interface has changed.
  3. Omega Interactive has been merged with the main site to present the user with less options and make navigation more straightforward.  A clear example of this is that Omega Interactive somewhat confusingly had two search boxes, with an additional one to cover the main site as well).  Latest News, rather than being a part of Omega Interactive will now feature as part of the main site and will merge with posts made by Omega personnel and hopefully guest writers in the future.
  4. Omega Media has been migrated to a new mirror sub-site and will now include live streams of popular media channels as a means to draw more users in and market the brand.  The sub-site will look just like the main site and for the user the contrast will be seamless.
  5.  The new site will be better integrated with social media.  Previously only articles that appeared on Omega Interactive could be shared or liked easily.  It is anticipated that will this new integration a Twitter account will probably soon follow as well as greater use of Google+.

We hope you like the changes and soon get used to the new way of navigation.


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